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Contracting-Related Terms

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Glossary of Contracting-Related Terms
A list of acronyms and abbreviations for terms related to contracts.
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Office of Mission Support/Office of Acquisition Solutions
Last Update: 
September 18, 2015

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Access Certificates for Electronic Services
Access Control List
Acquisition Management Review
Acquisition Plan
Acquisition Rotation Program (PEC program)
Acquisition Training Service Center
Administrative Contracting Officer
Administrative Law Judges
Administrative Systems Division
ADP Information Resources Management and Scientific
ADP Operations Management Branch (@ RTP - pre reorganization)
Advisory and Assistance Services (PPN 92-01 & 13 Apr 92 memo)
After receipt of order
Agency Procurement Request
Allowance Holder (two digit identification in the REQL for the EPA organization or OAM Acquisition Handbook)
Also know as
Alternate Delivery Order Project Officer
Alternate Work Schedule
Alternative Disputes Resolution
Alternative Remedial Contracting Strategy
American National Standards Institute
American Standards Code for Information Interchange
Application Programming Interface
Application Security Officer
Application Service Provider
Application Visualization System
Architectural Management and Planning Branch
Armed Services Procurement Act (10 U.S.C. 2302)
Assistant Administrator
Assistant Administrator for Enforcement
Authority Revocation List
Automated Document Control Register/IFMS System
Automated External Defibrillator
Automated Information Systems
Automated Procurement Documentation System
Background Investigations
Baseline Security Practices and Requirements
Basic Ordering Agreement
Beneficial Occupancy Date
Bid Opening Date
Blanket Purchase Agreement
Boeing Mathematical and Statistical Library
Broad Agency Announcement
Bulletin Board System
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Business Identification Number (suggested)
Business Intelligence
Business Profile Network (see IVPN)
Business to Business
Business to Government
Calendar Year
Capability Maturity Model
Capital Planning and Investment Control
Career Resource and Counseling Center
Centers Information Processing System
Central Contractor Registration
Central Processing Unit
Certificate of Competency (from SBA)
Certificate Policy (PKI)
Certificate Revocation List
Certification Authority (for PKI)
Certification Practice Statement (PKI)
Change Control Board
Change Order
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chiefs of the Contracting Office
Civilian Agency Acquisition Council
Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7401)
Clean Air Act Amendments
Clean Water Act (33 U.S.)
Close of Business
Closed Circuit Television
Coalition of Environmental Mid-Size Companies
Code of Federal Regulations
Collective Bargaining Agreements
College Level Examination Program
Combined Payroll Redistribution and Reporting System (68-W3-0027)
Commerce Business Daily
Commercial and Government Entity Code
Commercial Business Environment
Commercial Item Description
Common Federal Acquisition Architecture
Common Sense Initiative
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
Competition in Contracting Act (1984)
Competitive Advocate
Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, 42 USC Sec 9607 as amended (Superfund)
Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines
Compressed Work Schedule
Comptroller General
Computer Assisted Retrieval System (68-W3-0027/0002)
Computer Security Object Registry
Computing Center Identifications
Confidential Business Information
Confidential Contract Proposal Information
Configuration Control Board
Conflict of Interest
Continental United States and the District of Columbia
Continuity of Operations Plan
Contract Administration Office
Contract Administrative Management Plan (see CMAP)
Contract Delivery Order Tracking System
Contract Establishment Code
Contract Information System (OAM's CIS was retired 12/99)
Contract Laboratory Analytical Support Services (part of the CLP, aka SMO)
Contract Laboratory Program
Contract Line Item Number
Contract Management Administration Plan (see CAMP)
Contract Management Manual
Contract Payment System
Contract Project Of
Contracting Office Representative
Contracting Office Technical Representative
Contracting Officer
Contractor Furnished Equipment
Contractor Furnished Material
Contractor Furnished Property
Contractor Performance System (NIH)
Contractor Programs System Review
Contracts Customer Relations Committee /Council
Corporate Administrative Contracting Officer
Corps of Engineers
Cost Accounting Standards
Cost Accounting Standards Board
Cost Advisory and Financial Analysis Division
Cost Plus Award Fee
Cost Plus Fixed Fee
Cost Plus Incentive Fee
Cost Reimbursement
Criminal Investigation Division
Critical Job Element
Cross-Media Electronic Reporting and Recordkeeping Rule
Current Fiscal Year
Current Year
Customer Relationship Management
Cyberspace Electronic Security Act
Data & Systems Staff
Data Management Committee
Data Universal Numbering System
Days After Receipt of Order
Decision Support Systems
Defense Acquisition University
Defense Contract Audit Agency
Delegation of Procurement Authority
Delivery Order
Delivery Order Project Officer
Department of Commerce
Department of Justice
Department of Labor
Deputy Chief Information Officer for Technology
Determination & Finding
Digital Signature Algorithm
Digital Signature Standard
Distinguished Name (PKI)
Document Control Number
Document Control Officer
Document Distribution Unit
Earned Value Management
Electronic and Information Technology
Electronic Commerce
Electronic Data (or document) Interchange
Electronic Document Access
Electronic Funds Transfer
Electronic Messaging screen
Electronic Posting System
Electronic Processes Initiatives Committee
Emergency Planning and Community Right-to Know Act of 1986
Emergency Response Cleanup Services Contracts
Emission Inventory Improvement Program
Employment Standards Administration (DOL - EEO clearance)
Energy Policy and Conservation Act (42 U.S.C. 6361)
Enforcement Sensitive Information
Engineering Change Proposal
Engineering Operations Division (now outdated - 68-W3-0030, Task 3, Roger Dornberger)
Engineering Services
Enhanced Reliability Check
Enterprise Application Integration
Enterprise Resource Planning
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program
Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory
Environmental Research Laboratory
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
EPA Acquisition Regulation
EPA Payroll and Personnel System
Equal Access to Justice Act
Equal Employment Opportunity
European Union
Executive Information System
Extensible Markup Language
External certification authority
Fair Labor Standards Act
FedBizOpps (Federal Business Opportunities)
Federal Acquisition Circular (revisions to the FAR)
Federal Acquisition Computer Network
Federal Acquisition Institute
Federal Acquisition management Information System to replace FPDS
Federal Acquisition Reform Act
Federal Acquisition Regulations
Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 (P.L. 103-355)
Federal Activities Inventory Reform
Federal Bridge Certification Authority
Federal Bridge Certification Authority Operational Authority
Federal Facilities Agreement
Federal Financial Management Improvement Act of 1996
Federal Information Processing Standard
Federal Information Resource management Regulation
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act
Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act
Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act
Federal PKI Policy Authority
Federal PKI Steering Committee
Federal Prisons Industries, Inc.
Federal Procurement Data Center
Federal Procurement Data System
Federal Property and Administration Services Act (41 U.S.C.252)
Federal Records Center
Federal Register
Federal Standard
Federal Stock Number
Federal Supply Classification
Federal Supply Schedule (GSA contract)
Federal Telephone System
Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998
Federally Funded Research and Development Center
Federation of Government Information Processing Councils
Fee Determination Officer
Field Operations & Support Division (68-W3-0032, SOW)
File Transfer Protocol
Financial Administrative Contracting Officer
Financial Management and Services Division
Financial management System
Financial Monitoring Reviews
Findings of no significant impact
Firm Fixed Price
First Article Testing
First In Last Out
Fiscal Year
for example (L. Exampli gratia)
For Official Use Only
Formerly Used Defense Site
Free on Board (refers to point for delivery charges)
Freedom of Information Act
Frequently Asked Questions
Full Time Equivalent
Funds Control Officer
General Accounting Office
General and Administrative
General Records Schedule
General Services Administration
Geographic Information Systems
Government Entry Point
Government Furnished Material
Government Furnished Property
Government Information Locator Services
Government Information Security Reform Act
Government Information Technology Services Board
Government Owned - Contractor Operated
Government Paperwork Elimination Act
Government Paperwork Elimination Act of 1998
Government Performance and Results Act
Government Point of Entry
Government Printing Office
Government Travel Regulations
Government Wide Acquisition Contracts
Grants Information and Control System
Graphical User Interface
Group Action Request List
Hazard Ranking System
Head, Contract Activity
Headquarters, Procurement Operations Division
High Performance Computing and Communications
High Performance Computing, Communications, and Information Technology
High Performance Computing System
Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities
Hispanic Employment Program
Historically Black College/University
Historically Underutilized Business Zone
Homeland Defense Procurement Strategy
Human Resource
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
In Accordance With
in the same place (L.ibidem)
Indefinite Delivery
Indefinite Delivery Definite Quantity
Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity
Indefinite Quantity
Independent Government Cost Estimate
Independent Government Estimate
Independent System Operator
Indirect Rate
Individual Contract Action Report (FPDS)
Individual Development Plan
Information Centers
Information Grants Management System
Information Management screen
Information Resource Management
Information Security Officer
Information Technology Architecture
Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996
Inspector General
Installation Restoration Program
Instant Messaging
Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Integrated Acquisition Environment
Integrated Contract Management System
Integrated Financial Management System
Integrated Services Digital network
Integrated Vendor Profile Network (replaces CCR)
Interactive Video instruction
Interagency Agreement
Intergovernmental Agreement
International Standard Organization
International Telecommunications Union
Internet Engineering Task Force
Internet Protocol
Internet Protocol Printing
Internet Service Provider
Invitation for Bid
Irrevocable letters of credit
Javits-Wagner-O'Day (programs for blind and disabled)
Joint Application Development
Joint Financial Management Improvement Program
Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition
Key Process Area
Knowledge Management
Labor Surplus Area
Laboratory Network Systems
Last In First Out
Last In Last Out
Leave Without Pay
Left message on voice mail to call back
Letter Contract
Letters of Interest
Level of Effort
Limitation of Future Contracting
Local Area Network
Mail Code
Management and Accounting Reporting System
Management by Objectives
Management Evaluation Staff
Management Information System
Management of Change
Management Work Plan Attainment
Manufacturing Leadtime
Memorandum of Agreement
Memorandum of Understanding
Michigan Terminal System, Computer Timesharing
Mid Atlantic Integrated Assessment
Minority Business Enterprise
Minority Business Enterprise Women Owned Business Enterprise
Minority Institute
Minority Owned Business
Mission Oriented Systems Engineering Support
Multi Agency Contract
Multi-Channel Data System (68-W3-0030, Task 6, Pat Brower 313/668-4480 or Greg Suomala 313/668-4470)
Multiple Award Contract
Multiple Award Schedule
National Ambient Air Quality Standards
National Computer Center
National Contracts Payment Division; outdated; now Financial Management Division (6/93)
National Data Processing Division
National Defense University
National Energy Conservation Policy Act (42 U.S.C. 8253 and 8262g)
National Environmental Policy Act
National Environmental Supercomputing Center, Bay City, MI - moved to RTP
National Industries for the Blind
National Industries for the Severely Handicapped
National Information Center Exchange (publication to Agency Information Centers)
National Information Infrastructure
National Institute for Standards and Technology
National Institutes of Health
National Labor Relations Board
National Performance Review
National Priority List
National Stock Number
National Technology Services Division
National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory, Ann Arbor, MI
Network Information and Control Exchange
Network Services Protocol
No Later Than
No Stock Number Assigned
North American Industry Classification System ((65 FR 46055) effective 10/1/2000)
North American Trade Agreements Act
North Carolina Supercomputer Center
Norton Anti-Virus
Not Applicable
Not in Stock
Not Required
Not Separately Priced
Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc.
Object identifier
Obligating Document Number
Observed Defect Rate
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Office Forms Advisory Council
Office Forms Facilitator (AL Pesachowitz Forms Pilot)
Office of Acquisition Management
Office of Administration and Resources Management
Office of Environment Information (formerly OIRM)
Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (DOL, ESA - EEO clearance)
Office of Federal Procurement Policy
Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act (41 U.S.C. 425)
Office of General Counsel
Office of Information Resources Management (now OEI)
Office of Management and Budget
Office of Mobile Services
Office of Personnel Management
Office of Pesticide Programs
Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
Office of Research and Development
Office of Small and Disadvantage Business Utilization
Office of the Administrator
Office of the Inspector General
Office of Water
On-line Analytical Processing
On-Line Transaction Processing
On or About
On Site Coordinator
On the Job Training
Open Database Connectivity drivers (AL Pesachowitz Forms Pilot)
Operating Budget
Operational Service Agreement
Operations & Maintenance (budget)
Optical Character Recognition
Optional Form
Ordering Activity
Organizational Conflict of Interest (PPN 91-06)
Original Equipment Manufacturer
Other Direct Costs
Paperwork Reduction Act
Part Number
Performance and Environmental Results System
Performance Base Service Contracting
Performance Evaluation Board
Performance Management & Recognition systems (formerly Merit Pay)
Period of Performance
Personal Computer Site Coordinator
Personal Digital Assistant
Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement
Personal Identification Number
Place of Performance
Plan of Action and Milestones
Planning Purpose Procurement Requests (PPN 93-04)
Point of Contact
Policy, Training, and Oversight Division
Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 13101)
Pollution Prevention Framework
Portable Document Format
Potentially Responsible Parties
Pre-Manufacture Notices
Preliminary Design and Options Analysis Phase (DOTS)
Presidentially Appointed - Senate Confirmed
Pretty Good Privacy
Price Negotiation Memorandum
Privacy Act
Procurement Action Lead Time
Procurement and Contracts Management Division
Procurement Center Representative, Small Business
Procurement Desktop Defense (aka SPS)
Procurement Executive
Procurement Executive Council
Procurement Initiation Notice
Procurement Instrument Identification Number
Procurement Planning Document
Procurement Planning Notice
Procurement Request
Procuring Contracting Officer (pre-award)
Produce Service Code
Program Management Support Branch
Program Manager
Program Office Interface
Program Systems Division
Project Officer (Contracting Officer Representative)
Public Key Infrastructure
Public Key Infrastructure X.509
Public Law
Purchase Order
Qualified Bidders List
Qualified Manufacturer List
Qualified Products List
Quality Action Team
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Plan
Quality Control
Quality Information Council
Rapid Implementation Team
Record of Decision
Recovered Materials Advisory Notices
Regional Administrator
Regional Contracting Officer
Regional Finance Center (Treasury)
Regional Project Officer
Registration Authority
Regulation Development and Support Division (68-W3-0030, Task 23)
Relational Database Management System
Relational database under MTS operating system (68-W3-0032)
Relational Laboratory Information Management System
Remedial Action
Remedial Design
Remedial Engineering Management Contracts
Remedial Investigation, Feasibility Study
Remedial Program Manager
Remote Job Entry
Report of shipment
Request for Bid
Request for Comments
Request for Information
Request for Proposal
Request for Quote
Requisition Accounting Line Inquiry
Requisition Line; includes the FY(2 digits), AH(2 digits), and DCN(6 alpha numeric characters)
Research & Development
Research Triangle Park
Resource Conservation Recovery Act of 1976, P.L. 94-580, Oct 31, 1976
Response Action Contract (Superfund)
Responsible Associate Director
Responsible Planning Implementation Officer
Return on Investment
Rocky Mountain Arsenal
Ronald Reagan Building
Routine Analytical Services
Sample Management Office (CLP contract)
Scientific Computing Staff
Secondary Communication Processors
Secretarial Administrative Advisory Council
Secure Sockets Layer
Senior Budget Officer
Senior Environmental Enrollee Program
Senior Information Resources Management Official
Senior Resource Official
Service Contract Act
Service Development Center (under MOSES contract)
Service Level Agreements Attainment
Servicing Finance Office
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Simplified Acquisition Procedures
Single Entry Point
Site Manager
Small and Disadvantage Business Utilization
Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 637(e))
Small Business Administration
Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program
Small Business Innovative Research
Small Business Set Aside
Small Computer System Interface
Small Disadvantage Business
Small Purchase Electronic Data Interchange
Society of American Value Engineers
Software - Capability Maturity Model
Software Engineering Institute
Source Selection Authority
Source Selection Authority Committee
Source Selection Evaluation Board
Source Selection Review Board
Special Application Program
Special Interest Groups
Standard Form
Standard Industrial Code (replaced by the NAICS)
Standard Operating Procedures
Standard Procurement System (DoD, aka pd2)
Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards
Statement of Work
Substantially the same as
Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986
Superfund/RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
System Security Officer
Task Order
Tax Identification Number
Team Leader
Technical Assistance Team Contracts
Technical Direction Memo
Technical Enforcement Support Contracts
Technical Evaluation Plan
Technical Labor Hour
Technical Vulnerability Assessment
Telecommunications Service
Telecommunications Service requests
Temporary Duty
Termination for Convenience
Termination for Default
That is (L.id est)
Thousand (2K = 2,000)
Time and Attendance
Time and Attendance, Payroll and Personnel System (68-W3-0030, on NCC-IBM) (68-W3-0027/0002)
Time and Materials
Time Division Multiplexer (68-W3-0030)
To Be Announced
To Be Determined
Toxic Substances Control Act
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
Treasury Financial Manual
Truth in Negotiations
Unexploded Ordnance
Uniform contract format
Uniform Procurement System
Uniform Resource Locator
Uninterrupted Power Source
Unit of Issue
United States Code
U.S. - Government Standard General Ledger
Value Added Backbone Services Administration
Value Engineering
Value Engineering Change Proposal
Video Teleconferencing
Volatile Organic Compound
Wage Determination
Washington Information Center (Waterside Mall)
Washington National Records Center
Washington Telecommunications Center (Help Desk 260-4357/help for RRB 564-4357/help)
What you see is what you get
Wide Area Network
Wide Area Work Flow
Women Owned Business
Women Owned Small Business
Work Assignment
Work Assignment Form
Work Assignment Manager
Work in Process
Work Order
Work Plan
Working Capital Fund
World Wide Web
Year 2000
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