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Community-Based Air Pollution Projects Glossary

Glossary to support air pollution projects designed to address health and environmental issues at the local level.
Publishing Organization: 
Office of Air and Radiation/Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
Last Update: 
August 23, 2011

Terms & Acronyms

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Acute Exposure
Ambient measurement
Area Source
Background Levels
Cancer Slope Factor
Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number
Chronic Exposure
Dose-response assessment
Ecological Risk Assessment
Exposure Assessment
Human Health Inhalation Assessment
Human Health Multi-pathway Assessment
Individual Exposure or Risk Assessment
Major Source
Particulate Matter
Pollutant Ranking Assessment
Population Exposure or Risk Assessment
Reference Concentration
Reference Dose
Risk Assessment
Risk-based Concentrations
Risk-based Doses
Risk Characterization
Risk Management
Stationary Source
Unit Risk Estimate
Unit Risk Factor
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