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Title Description
Terminology Services (TS) Factsheet Descriptive summary of Terminology Services including history, vision, services and capabilities, and contacts.
Editor's Training Manual

This training manual consists of the following main sections:

  • An Introduction to the EPA Terminology System and Services
  • Getting Started - Logging on, Selecting a Taskview, and Searching
  • Creating and Modifying Glossaries & Lists of Terms and Definitions
  • Creating and Modifying Taxonomies and Other Hierarchies
  • Setting Up a New Vocabulary
Glossary Management Guide

This manual provides concise instruction for glossary stewards who wish to edit or update their glossaries. These changes will become immediately visible in the published glossary in Terminology Services.

Linking to Terminology Services

This flyer provides clear, step-by-step instructions on how to link from any web page to a given glossary in Terminology Services. 

It explains how to generate the HTML to be inserted into the web page.

Best Practices in Terminology Development and Management: A Guide for EPA Editors and Stewards

This manual is organized into several sections around the process recommended when planning, developing, and maintaining a vocabulary. The manual discusses how to create a new vocabulary and its content, including general good practices related to the selection of terms and relationships. A section is devoted to the issue of governance and collaborative vocabulary development. Guidelines in this manual are not mandatory but are intended to help vocabulary Editors and Stewards develop and maintain vocabularies of high quality and usefulness.

Terminology Services FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Terminology Services registry